Turns out all politics ain’t local

Who will be saddest when President Obama’s second term comes to an end? I’ve long contended it will be Kentucky Republican candidates and their PACs, who’ve basically used “Democrat X is mini-Obama” as their entire campaign messaging.  When they can no longer say that the random local Democratic PVA is somehow complicit with the “Obama’s war on coal”, I figured they’d be forced to make an actual argument.

Well, turns out I was wrong.  Now a Republican PAC ad is saying Jim Gray is just Hillary Clinton’s puppet.

While the laziness of this threadbare script is depressing, it’s not nearly as depressing as how effective it might be here in the Commonwealth.  In my days teaching English, every sophomore in our school learned transfer as a simple propaganda technique and learned the fallacious nature of its implicit argument, but clearly the lesson hasn’t stuck with Kentuckians. These PACs wouldn’t keep doing it if it weren’t effective.

When you have to vote for a candidate, look at his/her individual positions.  Resist the urge to paint with a broad brush.  You cheapen the value of your vote when you let someone trick you into ignoring the local issues (that are much more relevant to you) and just voting based on your feelings about some national candidate.

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